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Planning Control Councillors

List Of Councillors Who Sit At Planning Control Committee

Councillors sit at Planning Control Committee every 3 weeks and consider applications reported to committee. Councillors decide whether or not to accept the Officer's recommendation and it may take a different view where the arguments for and against an application are not clear cut. It may defer consideration of the application until Members of the Committee have visited the site if this has not already happened. 


Our current list of Planning Control Councillors are:-

Chairman - Mrs S Cartwright

Vice Chairman  - J T Kraujalis

Cllr F W C Allen

Cllr Anslow

Cllr Miss M Freeman

Cllr Grocott

Cllr Pearson

Cllr Mrs D Todd

Cllr A Dean

Cllr P A Snape




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For date of Meetings both past and present please click on the link below.


Planning Control Meetings