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Survey provides clean bill of health

Published on Thursday 5th January 2012

The results of a contaminated land survey on the Eastgate and Westgate estates in Rawnsley has revealed no cause for concern over contaminants from former landfill sites.

Initial soil samples in July 2010 gave rise to further investigations into possible contamination of water supply pipes, with the final report giving a clean bill of health to water supplies in December 2011.

Tests were funded by DEFRA and undertaken by specialist consultants on behalf of the Council.

Environmental enquiries have become a standard requirement as part of house surveys in recent years in areas where housing has been built on former landfill and industrial sites.

The fully funded testing programme was to determine whether the level of contamination on properties and in surrounding areas meets current guidance.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, the Council is required to investigate sites in the district that have previously been used by industry or have been in-filled. Councils across the country are carrying out this type of work. 

The Council has written to all householders in areas of investigation to share the results. Copies of the report are available online and hard copies can be viewed at Council offices.

Cllr Janos Toth, Deputy Leader of the Council and Environment Portfolio Leader, said: "The results of these tests confirm that there is no cause for concern over contaminants and will provide piece of mind for residents in the District. We are grateful to householders who for their patience and cooperation during the investigations.  

"As many residents do live in post industrial surroundings it is the duty of the Council to ensure that land is free from levels of contaminants which could pose a risk to health."

The Council is involved in a wide programme of soil sampling and testing throughout the District in order to assure all residents over possible risks from contaminants in the soil.

Residents with any concerns or queries can contact Karen Sulway, Environmental protection manager on 01543 464480.

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