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Dealing with noise nuisance

Published on Tuesday 14th February 2012

Noise nuisance can be a problem for us all. However, it is difficult to answer what is considered reasonable as what one person may think is unreasonable, another may believe is normal or acceptable.


All noise nuisance complaints should be reported to Cannock Chase Council.

Staffordshire Police do not routinely deal with noise nuisance. However, if you have any concerns about associated anti-social behaviour or other crime related issues contact 101 (non emergency).

The Council will deal with a variety of noise nuisance including:

  • Nuisance neighbours
  • Noise from fireworks
  • Noise from pubs and clubs
  • Noise from premises including domestic, industrial and commercial
  • Noise from vehicles such as car alarms or persistent 'loud' car stereos
  • Noise from equipment such as generators
  • Noise from road works

If you are experiencing noise nuisance call Cannock Chase Council on 01543 462621 at anytime and an operator will log each call.

Officers from the Council's Environmental Health team are not available to respond to a request outside the Council's normal office hours of 9am to 5pm except by prior appointment.

Councillor Janos Toth, Deputy Leader of the Council and Portfolio Leader for Environment, said:

"Noise nuisance can cause major disruption for an individual, family or community.

The Council is committed to delivering a service which will help resolve these types of issues.

I would urge anyone to report noise nuisance as the person that is causing the disruption could be taken to Court by the Council if the matter is not resolved".

For more information about noise nuisance, contact the Council's Environmental Health team on 01543 462621 or visit


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