Charitable Collections Policy (including House to House Collections, Street Collections and Direct Debit Collections)

The intention of the policy it to provide clear guidance for officers and members on what matters should be taken into account when determining applications for House to House Collections.

It also sets out the reasonable expectations of applicants for charitable collections of all types across the Cannock Chase District.


The aims of the licensing authority in adopting this policy are to:

•   Safeguard the interests of both public donors and beneficiaries;

•   Facilitate well organised collections by bona fide charitable

    institutions and to ensure that good standards are met, and;

•   Prevent unlicensed collections from taking place.


The policy is also intended to ensure that those who wish to donate to charity through house to house or street collections, are able to do so in good faith, knowing that a significant amount of the money or products they donate will directly benefit the charity.

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