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We issue Completion Certificates to certify that the Council is satisfied that the work complies with the relevant requirements of the Building Regulations, for this reason, it is very important that we are called in to inspect various stages of work as it progresses together with notification of completion as soon as the works are finalised on site. Completion Certificates will only be issued in cases where all the necessary inspections have been carried out and found to be satisfactory. 

In addition to the usual commissioning and pre-completion information a Notice of Completion must be provided to Building Control not more than 5 days after the work has been completed. 

Each Dutyholder must provide a compliance statement for their responsible work. 

•    Client Declaration of Compliance

•    Principal Designer Declaration of Compliance

•    Principal Contractor Declaration of Compliance

Please be aware that the Completion Certificate cannot be issued unless:

•    all the necessary inspections have been carried out and found to be satisfactory

•    the Notice of Completion has been filled in and returned

•    all pre-completion information and commissioning certificates requested have been provided.

A Completion Certificate is a valuable document that should be kept safe (preferably with your deeds) as without it you may have difficulty selling your property.


Failure to notify us for a completion inspection may result in us, either not being able to carry out an inspection at a later date or additional fees maybe incurred.

Unfortunately, many people neglect to notify the Council that works are complete.  Where, no formal Completion Inspection was made, a Completion Certificate would not have been issued.  Often, in the final stages of selling a property, the absence of a Completion Certificate becomes an issue.

I need a copy of my Decision and / or Completion Certificate, how do I get one?

Completion paperwork was initially introduced in 1995 and became standard issue in 2013. Once a satisfactory completion inspection had taken place and all related paperwork had been provided this will be issued

We can supply a copy of documents if issued at a supplementary cost:

  • Email Building Control at to first determine if the document you require exists. 
  • You will be advised if the document exists and the cost of obtaining copies


Following this please telephone our Operators on 01785 619340 stating your payment is for ‘copy documents’.  Please ensure you provide the application site location and application reference which is to be typed onto the receipt.  Request a copy of the receipt via email. Following this forward your receipt and your request to.

All requests for copies will be dealt with within 10 working days. 

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