Your Councillors



Cannock Chase Council has 36 elected Councillors and their key roles and functions, as set out in the Council's Constitution are:

  1. Collectively be the ultimate policy-makers and carry out a number of strategic and corporate management functions.
  2. Contribute to the good governance of the area and actively encourage community participation and citizen involvement in decision making.
  3. Represent their communities as 'community leaders' and bring their views into the Council's decision-making process.
  4. Participate in the governance and management of the Council and as necessary with other organisations and institutions in the District.
  5. Balance different interests identified within their Ward and represent the interests of the Ward as a whole.
  6. Deal with individual casework and act as an advocate for constituents in resolving particular concerns or grievances.
  7. Be involved in decision making.
  8. Be available to reprresent the Council on other bodies.
  9. Maintain the highest standards of conduct and ethics.

Details of our current Councillors are below (listed in district ward order)

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