Register of Interests - District Councillors

Register of Interests

Under the provisions of the Localism Act relating to the standards regime, the new Code of Conduct for Members and Declaration of Interests came into force on 1 July 2012.

As a consequence Section 29 of the Act requires the Council's Monitoring Officer to maintain a Register of Interests and that the Register must be published on the Council's website for both District Councillors and any Parish Councillors whose Parish/Town Councils falls within the District's area.

Please see the below links for Registers of Interests for councillors of Cannock Chase Council.

Cannock Chase District Council

Members' Register of Interests for Cannock Chase Council


Julie Aston.pdf (167.45 KB)

Josh Bancroft.pdf (149.14 KB)

Liz Bishop.pdf (166.82 KB)

Carl Boulton.pdf (165.85 KB)



Sheila Cartwright.pdf (149.71 KB)

Mandy Dunnett.pdf (165.11 KB)

Jo Elson.pdf (149.49 KB)

Paul Fisher.pdf (149.08 KB)

Adrienne Fitzgerald.pdf (181.76 KB)



Philippa Haden.pdf (135.65 KB)

Jeff Hill.pdf (165.96 KB)


Justin Johnson.pdf (137.18 KB) 


Tony Johnson.pdf (168.3 KB) 



Val Jones.pdf (166.92 KB)



Nick Lyons.pdf (133.05 KB)

Olivia Lyons (CCDC).pdf

Darrell Mawle.pdf (167.07 KB)

Andrea Muckley.pdf (195.62 KB) 

Josh Newbury.pdf (144.16 KB)



John Preece.pdf (148.75 KB)

Fred Prestwood.pdf (166.28 KB)

Jacquie Prestwood.pdf (170.25 KB)


Mike Sutherland.pdf (173.21 KB)


Sue Thornley.pdf (168.58 KB)

David Williams.pdf (171.04 KB)

Lisa Wilson.pdf (192.23 KB)


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