Newly improved park is now in full swing!

The Cema Opening

Published: Thursday 03rd February 2022 | 5.06pm

Works to the park and play area at the Cema - Chapel Street Park in Norton Canes have now been completed.

This was marked with an official opening ceremony on today (Thursday 3 February) where the Chairman of Cannock Chase Council and the Chairman of Norton Canes Parish Council declared the park ‘open’ with an official ribbon cutting.

The event celebrated the completion of the project by showcasing the new improvements and thanking those that had helped with its success.

The community of Norton Canes can now enjoy their new green space and make the most of the newly installed circular pathway with green gym equipment as well as a new play area for children and families. When accessing the park, visitors will be greeted with beautiful pieces of entrance artwork that depict the history of the site.

A small woodland area has also been created in collaboration with the Forest of Mercia which has included the planting of additional trees and shrubs around the site. A total of 488 native trees and shrubs have been planted thanks to a donation of £12,000 from the Forest of Mercia and the help of the local community.

The planting of these trees will help to fight against climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide,filtering pollution and improving air quality, reducing flooding and supporting urban wildlife.

Councillor Adrienne Fitzgerald, Portfolio Leader for Housing, Heritage and Leisure said, “ When I look at the Cema, I can’t believe how much has changed over the last 12 months. The new park brings a sense of community, a place where people can come and play in a safe environment. It is now a place for everyone to enjoy and spend time with friends and family.

“As well as being involved in physical activity which can lead to improvements in health, being outdoors can improve your mood as well as lowering blood pressure and stress. This is why it is so important to have access to good quality parks so that people can use them to help with their own health and wellbeing goals.

“The revamped play area is great for Norton Canes and will provide endless fun for youngsters living in the local area”.  

Councillor John Preece, Chairman of Norton Canes Parish Council, said: "This project originated over a decade ago when a small group of residents got together to create ideas to redevelop the park.  I'm thrilled to see that this vision has now been realised.  We know the Cema will be the first of several park and leisure improvements for our village, and the Parish Council looks forward to working with Cannock Chase Council to make those happen.”

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