Grass Fires Prevention

flames aren't games flame posterGrass fires take up a large amount of our Firefighters’ time from Easter through to September. Attending 40 every week means that our crews could be putting out these avoidable grass fires when they should be helping someone whose life may be in danger at a house fire or road traffic collision.

Working with our partners we are trying to reduce the amount of grass fires that occur this Summer with our Summer Fire Safety campaign.

Remember the following when out in the countryside to help us:

  • Put out cigarettes and other materials before you leave your vehicle.
  • Never throw cigarette ends out of car windows – they could start a fire and ruin the surrounding country.
  • If you see a fire in the countryside report it immediately.
  • Don’t attempt to tackle fires that can’t be out with a bucket of water – leave the area as soon as possible.
  • Don’t leave bottles or glass in grassland or woodlands. Sunlight shining through glass can start a fire.
  • Lots of grass fires are started by children – educate yours about the dangers of grass fires.


The Service is urging parents to educate children about the dangers of grass fires and be aware of any accidental causes of grass fires such as cigarettes, bonfires, barbeques and glass bottles left in wooded areas, when enjoying the warmer weather,

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