Calling it Out! - Addressing harmful sexual behaviours

Calling it Out! - Addressing harmful sexual behaviours

The Council’s Community Safety Team has commissioned Loudmouth Education and Training to run their new educational resource on harmful sexual behaviours, ‘Calling It Out’, for pupils in key stages three to five. 

‘Calling It Out’ is a new theatre in education programme designed for students in years 9 to 13 and supports the ongoing work in schools to create a culture where sexual harassment and abuse are not tolerated. 

The programme uses drama, a character question and answer session and discussion to raise the pupils’ awareness of harmful sexual behaviours, where these behaviours are coming from and alternative positive behaviours. 

In the drama the main characters, Sam and Wes, have their friendship tested as they both learn more about the huge impacts everyday incidences of sexual harassment and assault can have on girls and young women and how we all have a role in safely challenging and reporting these behaviours.

After the drama, the students get the opportunity to ask Sam and Wes questions about the key themes for the drama. Small group discussions are held to encourage students to look at different scenarios and to discuss whether they are acceptable or unacceptable including discussions on pornography, consent and misogyny. 

The session ends with information of where the pupils can go for help if they have experienced harmful sexual behaviours and want further information and support. 

Resource packs are being distributed to secondary schools providing information about local support services, details about the drama, lessons plans and further campaign material. 

Campaign messages will also be promoted using the Council’s new Tik Tok channel – ‘Cannock Chase Life’ and wider online advertising via the Council’s other social media platforms. 

This forms part of the Council’s wider safeguarding work and has been funded by the Staffordshire Commissioner’s Locality Deal Fund. 

If you would like a copy of the campaign material, please email the Community Safety Team at 


How to report your concerns...

If you have experienced  sexual harassment or been subjected to  a sexual assault you can contact the following services:

Staffordshire Police
Report an incident to Staffordshire Police on 101 (non-emergency).
If it's an emergency, please call 999.

NSPCC - Child Protection Helpline
Helpline for anyone concerned a child is at risk. 
The helpline is free, anonymous and 24/7. 
Call: 0808 800 5000

Childline (for children and young children up to 18 years old)
You can contact Childline about anything. Whatever your worry, it’s  better out than in. They will support you and help you find ways to cope. 
Childline is open 24 hours a day over Christmas and New Year, so you can contact them any time.
Call: 0800 1111

New Era
Offering help to those affected by domestic abuse in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.
Call: 0300 303 3778

Survive Sexual Assault & Abuse Service
Have you, or someone you care about, experienced sexual assault or abuse?

You are not alone – their confidential services are there to support you.
Call: 0300 330 5959 (24 hour confidential helpline) 


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