'See something, Say something'...

'See something, Say something'...

Protecting vulnerable adults and children

Everyone has a part to play in keeping vulnerable adults and children safe from abuse and neglect.

Improving the way people work together to safeguard, promote and improve the welfare of vulnerable adults and children is crucial.

The Council's Community Safety Partnership has been working closely with the Communications team to develop a promotional campaign to raise awareness of abuse, as well as encouraging people to report any concerns they may have about an individual.

'See something, Say something' targets vulnerable adults and children.

The campaign has been split into two elements; safeguarding and vulnerability. Details of each are provided below.

If you suspect adult abuse, call 0345 604 2719. If you suspect child abuse, call 0800 131 3126. These numbers are not monitored 24/7. Concerns of immediate harm must be reported to Staffordshire Police on 999 or 101.

Whether you are a member of the public, professional or have parental responsibility, you can also make a referral online by visiting www.staffordshire.gov.uk/reportconcern

Read a copy of the official press release here.

For further information about this campaign, contact the Partnerships team on 01543 464638 or email partnership@cannockchasedc.gov.uk

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The safeguarding element is the first phase and focuses on the key categories associated with child and adult abuse.

Campaign messages are prominently displayed across the District using online adverts on social media, the Council's website, refuse vehicles, housing vans, internally on Arriva buses and on plasma screens in South Staffs College and local doctor's surgeries.

Printed material including posters and information leaflets have also been displayed in key venues and distributed via local support agencies.

A Concern Card has also been produced for frontline staff to use when carrying out home visits.

Download a copy of the campaign material below.


Campaign A4 posters x 5 versions.pdf (7.75 MB)

Campaign Information Leaflet.pdf (5.35 MB)


The vulnerability element will be the second phase of the campaign and will draw on themes taken from local cases. The creative will show that you don't always know what is happening behind closed doors or on people's phones. This will be rolled out later in the year.

Download a copy of the campaign material below.


'You don't always know what's happening behind closed doors' - Campaign A4 posters x 4 versions.pdf (4.51 MB)


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