Be Cyber Aware

Since the pandemic, people are spending more time than ever online. This includes banking, shopping, working, streaming to social media etc. This presents more opportunities for hackers to carry out cyber-attacks. They often do this by targeting people and businesses using:

  • email and website scams
  • malware - software that can damage your device or let a hacker in

If hackers get into personal devices or accounts, they could access money, personal information, or information about a business.

Be Cyber Aware is the government’s campaign on how to stay secure online. We will be using this campaign and promoting the messages locally with the support of Staffordshire Police’s Cyber Crime Unit.

Advice and guidance will be provided to help people improve their cyber security. This will be provided via online advertising, an interactive guide with video, TikTok videos and an animation. This will be delivered throughout January. 

For more information read the full press release here. 

For the second phase of the campaign we will be working with Staffordshire Police's Cyber Crime Unit to look at a presentation/seminar for local community groups and businesses. We will be linking in with Support Staffordshire and Friends of Hednesford Park in order to promote these sessions.  

In regards to secondary schools and colleges, we will be working alongside the Safe+Sound Project that is managed via Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service. This will be rolled out in Spring.

Six actions to being Cyber Aware

Be Cyber Aware is the government’s campaign on how to stay secure online. The Council’s Partnerships Team has developed a localised version of this campaign with the support of Staffordshire Police’s Cyber Crime Unit and the National Cyber Security Centre.

Explore the six actions that need to be taken to keep you and your family safe whilst online. These include:

1.    Using a strong and separate password for your email
2.    Creating strong passwords using 3 random words
3.    Saving your passwords in your browser
4.    Turning on two-factor authentication (2FA)
5.    Updating your devices
6.    Backing up your data

Check out our virtual guide with further information about each-

For step-by-step instructions on keeping your devices up-to-date with the latest security updates, and for more online security advice, visit 


Be SECURITY SMART when using connected devices…

S - SECURITY. Consider security for all new tech & protect with strong passwords.

M - MAINTENANCE. For healthy devices, install updates as soon as prompted.

A - ACCESS CONTROL. Apply privacy settings & parental controls to manage activity.

R - RESEARCH. Before a purchase, ensure its a quality product from a reputable supplier.

T - TAKE FIVE. STOP - CHALLENGE - PROTECT. Not everything is always as it seems.

Check out this short video from Staffordshire Police’s Cyber Crime Unit - 

Report a Cyber Crime

If you are currently being subjected to a live and ongoing cyber-attack, then please contact Staffordshire Police on 101.

If you suspect you’ve been scammed, defrauded, or experienced cyber crime, the Action Fraud team can also provide the help, support and advice you need.

Call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 (textphone 0300 123 2050).


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