Home Adaptations and Aids for Disabled People

There are a range of options available which may make your and/or your carer's everyday lives much easier and safer.  These can range from small things such as jar openers, grab sticks, long handled shoe horns, talking clocks or personal alarms to larger home adaptations such as a stair lift, extension or a level access shower.

If you visit Staffordshire County Council's website you can view a range of products that you might find useful.  If you think you may need a home adaptation and want help with the cost of this, read the information below to find out more about our Disabled Facilities Grants.

What are Disabled Facilities Grants?

A Disabled Facilities Grant is funding to help a disabled person adapt their home to make it easier and safer to live in.

  • The works must be necessary and appropriate.  This will need to be discussed between the disabled person and an Occupational Therapist.
  • It must also be reasonable and practicable to carry out the works.

Subject to the above, the following are examples of works that may be available:

Making access easier:

  • to and from the dwelling or the building in which the dwelling or, as the case may be, flat is situated.
  • to a room used or usable as the principal family room.
  • to a room used or usable for sleeping, or alternatively providing such a room for the disabled occupant.
  • to a room in which there is a lavatory, a bath or shower (or both) and a wash basin, or providing a room in which there is such a facility or facilities.
  • to and from the garden and making access safe.

And work to improve facilities for the preparation and cooking of food.

Grants are available towards disabled adaptations to most types of living accommodation, including mobile homes and houseboats.

Who can apply?

You must be either the owner or tenant of the property. You do not have to be the disabled person for whom the works are required, it is possible for a landlord to apply on behalf of a disabled tenant.

If the adaptations are for a child, you can arrange for an assessment by contacting Children and Families Services at Staffordshire County Council Tel: 0800 1313 126 (Monday to Thursday 8.30am - 5.00pm and Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm) or email firstr@staffordshire.gov.uk.

If the adaptations are for an adult, you should contact Staffordshire County Council via the following:

  • Website: Staffordshire County Council
  • Phone 0300 111 8010 to speak to an Advisor.
  • Text/SMS (for people with a hearing impairment) Tel: 07814 194 111.
  • Minicom users Tel: 01785 276207.

If the Advisor considers your needs can only be met by a home adaptation, they will send your details to Cannock Chase Council,  Depending on the number of enquiries received and the budget available Cannock Chase Council may operate a waiting list and you will be advised of this upon receipt of your enquiry. You may in some circumstances be contacted by the Council’s benefits department who will ask you to complete a form with all of the financial details of the disabled person and there partner/spouse, a test of resources will then be carried out and you will be informed of any financial contribution you may be expected to make. 

How much can I get?

How much grant is awarded is determined by what works are deemed necessary and appropriate to meet the needs of a disabled person. The funding is capped nationally at £30,000.00 but the council has discretionary powers to provide additional funds in exceptional circumstances.  The amount of funding available may also be reduced following a test of resources, and this will be in line with the current national formula.

Who is subject to the test of resources?   

The disabled person who requires the adaptation and, the disabled person’s partner. If the grant is for the benefit of a child or young person under 19 who is in full time education (up to A level standard or equivalent) there is no means test for the parents. However if you are in receipt of one of the following income related benefits you will not have a contribution towards the grant.  

  • Income support.
  • Universal Credit
  • Housing Benefit.
  • Guaranteed Pension Credit. (not savings credit alone)
  • Income base job seekers allowance. (not contribution based)
  • Working tax credit with an annual income of less than £15,050.00.
  • Child tax credit with an annual income of less than £15,050.00.
  • Income related employment and support allowance. (not contribution based)

Application process

When the Council has carried out a test of resources calculation you will be informed of the result. If this result is favourable and you are able to finance any contribution you are expected to make the Council will then employ the services of an occupational therapist who will visit you to carry out a full assessment of any required works that are necessary and appropriate. This report will be passed to the Council who will discuss the options with you.

The Council can arrange for one of the private sector housing technical officers to survey your property who will assist in designing an adaptation to help meet your needs. This may involve:

  • provision of drawings,
  • schedule of works,
  • tendering to contractors,
  • approving a grant,
  • gaining Building Control and Planning permission,
  • party wall act,
  • 'building over' agreements
  • Managing contractors during ongoing works and
  • gaining permissions from the property owner.

Client’s contribution will be required before any works start.

If you live in a social rented or private rented property you should speak to your landlord first as sometimes they can make adaptations as part of their planned maintenance to the property.  You may also need their permission to proceed with any works.

You are not required to use the Council’s technical services within the housing act and can arrange, design and obtain quotations to make an application for grant yourselves. Please seek advice from the private sector housing team beforehand as a financial test of resources and occupational therapist support is still required. 

Housing Assistance Policy 

The Council also has discretionary powers to deliver adaptation grants in addition, and separate to the statutory DFG provision. These discretionary grants are subject to sufficient funds being in place, and can be withdrawn at any time.  More information about the Council's current housing assistance policy can be found at:


Useful Information

Foundations are the national body for Disabled facilities Grants in England , their “adapt my home” assessment tool Housing Adaptation (adaptmyhome.org.uk) , can help inform you if a home adaption is appropriate for you, and your needs.  It also includes a self- assessment tool in regards to any financial contribution that you may be asked to make towards the cost of a grant. (*please check with the local authority in regards to financial contributions, and land charges for grants, as these may not be applicable in all situations*.)”

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