Contaminated Land

The Council's contaminated land strategy provides information about how contaminated land is dealt with within Cannock Chase District.

Contaminated Land Investigations

In order to comply with our duty under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to investigate whether land is contaminated or not, the Council has undertaken soil investigations at 13 priority sites.  The results of those investigations can be found below.


Contaminated land report - Greenheath Rd

Contaminated land report - Hedesford Rd (Woodfield), N/Canes

Contaminated land report - North of Rawnsley, Nr Hednesford

Contaminated land report - Land View Street & Foster Avenue

Contaminated land report - Blake Close & Burgoyne Street

Contaminated land report - Armitage Road, Rugeley

Contaminated land report - Stagborough Way, Hednesford

Contaminated land report - Walsall Rd / Brownhills Rd, N/Canes

Contaminated land report - Land Nr Fiveways Island, H/Hayes

Contaminated land report - Land off Hunter Rd

Contaminated land report - Haig Close / Platt Street

Contaminated land report - Hednesford Hills Part 1

Contaminated land report - Hednesford Hills Part 2

Contaminated land report - Hednesford Hills Part 3

Contaminated Land Report - Oxford Road, Rumer Hill

Contaminated Land Register

There are currently no entries on the contaminated land register because the Council is not aware of any land within the District that meets the necessary threshold.

Contaminated Land Search Requests

If you are thinking of buying a property, remortgaging or developing a new home(s), you may be asked to check that the land is not contaminated by your solicitor or mortgage company.

We offer contaminated land searches for land and property in Cannock Chase District. If you ask us to carry out a search we will check the databases we hold for:

  • Historic land use.

  • Data about waste, landfill sites and treated sites.

  • Data about pollution incidents known to the Council.

  • Potential contaminative land use of the surrounding area within a 250m radius.

  • Any other available/relevant information.

The amount of information we will be able to provide will depend on the site and the information available to us.

As part of our search, we will not check the following:

How much does a search cost?

A search costs £84 (including VAT) and we will produce a report within 5 – 10 working days and send it to you by email.

Contaminated Land Strategy and Developer Guide

Contaminated Land Strategy

Developer Guide


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