We appreciate that during this difficult time you will have to make important decisions about the funeral you would like and if you would like any information or if you have any concerns please contact Bereavement Services on 01543 462621.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty with the cost of a funeral, you can access the funeral expenses payment scheme which is operated through the department of work and pensions. Please refer to https://www.gov.uk/funeral-payments for advice.

For further help and advice there are organisations which can help:-

Bereavement Services Association www.bsauk.org

Beyond Life www.beyond.life/help-centre

Cruse - email: southstaffordshire@cruse.org.uk

Cannock Cemetery
Cemetery Lodge,
160 Pye Green Road,
Staffs WS11 5SJ

Cannock Chase Cemetery
Norton Road
Heath Hayes, Cannock,
Staffs. WS12 3HJ

Rugeley Cemetery 
Wolseley Road,
WS15  2EW

Stile Cop Cemetery 
Cemetery Lodge,
Stile Cop Road,
Staffs. WS15 1ND

Please note: Cadent are carrying out gas maintenance on the A460 Hednesford Road, Rugeley. Cannock Chase Council have been informed that from Monday 29th January the access to Stile Cop Road will be closed. The cemetery will remain open as normal but the only access will be from the top of Stile Cop Road off Colliery Road / Rugeley Road. We have been informed that this road closure will continue until 1st March.

Churchyards in the District

  • St. Peter's Churchyard, Hednesford (part of)
  • St. Augustine's Churchyard, Rugeley
  • Old Chancel, Rugeley
  • St. James Churchyard, Norton Canes (part of)
  • St. Luke's Churchyard, Cannock
  • St. Joseph and St. Etheldreda, Rugeley
Opening Times

1st April to 30th September  9.00 am - 8.00 pm

1st October  to  31st March   9.00am - 4.00pm

Rules, Leaflets and FAQ's

You can download the following leaflets and information sheets below.

  • Cemetery Rules and Regulations
  • Cemeteries - FAQ
  • Bereavement Services - What We Do
  • Your Rights & Responsibilties
  • Burial on Private Land

Cemetery Rules and Regulation (File Unavailable)

For further information telephone Bereavement Services on 01543 462621 or email bereavementservices@cannockchasedc.gov.uk


FAQ's .pdf (1.39 MB)

Bereavement Services - What We Do .pdf (5.84 MB)

Your Rights and Responsibilities .pdf (2.36 MB)

Burial on Private Land .pdf (2.68 MB)

Fees and Charges

Burial Charges as from 1st April 2023 Cannock and Rugeley

All burial fes are doubled for non residents of Council's District (Exclusions apply) 

Purchase and Interment Fees for Burials                       
Purchase of Grave Space - £968.00
Excavation of a grave for a child including interment if the child  was under 18 or still born after 24 weeks - Nil
Excavation of a grave for one including interment - £391.50
Excavation of a grave for two including first interment - £776.00
Re-open of a purchased grave including interment - £646.50
Excavation of Public Grave - £480.50
Coffins over 6' 8" in length - £80.30
Coffins over 28" in width - £80.30
Failure to provide Interment Form 48 hours before the interment - £68.30

Purchase and Interment Fees for Cremated Remains                            
Purchase of Grave Space for Cremated Remains - £970.00
Excavation of grave for cremated remains including interment - £262.00
Re-open of purchased grave for cremated remains including interment - £262.00
Purchase of Cremated Remains plot - £480.50
Purchase  and interment of cremated remains plot for a child if the child was under 18 or still born after 24 weeks - Nil
Excavation and interment of cremated remains - £262.00
Re- open of purchased cremated remains plot including interment - £262.00
Scattering of Cremated Remains - £105.50
Walled Graves, Vaults and American Style Caskets                            
Purchase of grave space - £1494.00
Excavation of grave for one including interment - £600.00
Excavation of grave for two including first interment - £900.00

Burial - Actual Cost
Cremated Remains - Actual Cost
Headstone or other approved memorial - £267.50
Cremated Remains Plaque - £180.00
Stone Vase - £143.40
Additional Inscription - £110.40
Additional Charge for Memorial Work (headstones only) - £22.08

Miscellaneous Charges                            
Transfer of Exclusive Right of Burial - £84.00
Extension of Exclusive Right of Burial for 30 years - £280.00
Searches of Burial Records (per hour) - £15.20
Supply & install approved Memorial Bench with plaque (price on application)                            
Supply Plaque to Communal Memorial Bench - £137.52
Lease of Memorial Tree on a ten year lease - £421.08
Supply Memorial Plaque to existing Memorial Tree - £114.48
Maintenance of Graves                            
Clean, provide soil and top up - £91.92
Provide and lay turf - £46.20
Maintain soiled or turfed grave - £128.52
Maintain and plant once per year - £183.60
Maintain and plant twice per year - £235.08 

Memorial Trees and Benches

Memorial Trees

Stile Cop and Cannock Chase Cemeteries have a limited number of planted trees available as living memorials.  Each tree is situated within a gravelled square allowing you to place personal memorials around the base of the tree.  The cost of the lease also includes a commemorative plaque wih an inscription of your choice.  For the cost of leasing a memorial tree please contact Bereavement Services on 01543 462621.

Memorial Benches
Our distinctive memorial benches are  made of recycled plastic, which has the benefits of being long lasting, durable and maintenance free.  Each bench is supplied with a flush fitting stainless steel plaque with an inscription of your choice.  The benches may be placed in a suitable position following a discussion with cemetery staff.  For the cost of purchasing a memorial bench, please contact Bereavement Services on 01543 462621.


Memorials are not permitted on public graves, but may be erected on private graves subject to the permission being granted by the Council Officer to an approved memorial mason. Approved memorial masons are defined as memorial masons who have signed up to the Council’s Memorial Registration Scheme (list of these memorial masons is available from Bereavement Services). Notice must be given to the council officer on the approved form before carrying out any work in connection therewith. The Council may remove memorials from private graves when the period of the right of burial has expired. No grave mound, kerbing or other surround will be permitted in any section of a cemetery declared to be a ‘Lawn Section’ whilst the Council realise the need for personalized memorialisation this will not be permitted for an indefinate period and will be removed from graves. Any personal memorials/items put on the grass will be removed. Grave spaces will be turfed at ground level as soon as possible after an interment

1.    Drawings and specifications of all memorials or alterations thereto and any inscription thereon shall be submitted on the form A2 obtainable from the Civic Centre.

Memorials on lawned sections must not exceed 915mm (3’) in height, 915mm (3’) wide, 455mm (18’’) depth and sited on a base not exceeding 1065mm (42’’) Cremated remains plaques must be a standard size of 125mm (5’’) in height, 305mm (12’’) wide and 455mm (18’’) depth. Block vases are permitted on the plaques but must be 150mm (6’’) high giving an overall height of 279mm (11’’). On approval, a permit will be issued via the Bereavement Services Office.

  2.    Memorials and vases of quarried materials shall have the number of the grave space cut conspicuously on the bottom right hand corner of the back of the memorial, the expense thereof being borne by the applicant. Trade inscriptions other than the supplier’s name and district will not be permitted. Only stones made from quarried materials of memorial quality will be permitted. The Council has the right to request a sample of the stone prior to the production of the headstone-memorial. Laser engraved images are permitted but cannot exceed 20% of the overall front of the memorial. Photographs of the deceased may be   fixed to memorials provided they do not exceed an overall size of 100mm by 75mm. The inscription must be set out in full on the application form and if it is any other language than English, a full translation must be provided. The inscription will be at the discretion of the Council Officer. No inscriptions or images will be permitted on the back of memorials. Memorials will be in keeping with the type of memorials already in-situ.

3.     A vase of quarried material bearing a personal inscription shall be regarded as a memorial and be subject to the fee payable.

4.     Headstones – Lawn Sections

       Vertical headstones only may be erected on payment of the appropriate fee. Headstones must be erected in the position indicated by the Council Officer. In sections where the Council has not provided foundations, memorials must be fixed on foundations, in accordance with the latest industry guidelines, currently the National Association of Memorial Masons.

5.   Memorials and Monuments

      All memorials and monuments in sections of the Cemetery not designated as ‘Lawn Sections’ may be erected only on payment of the appropriate fee in the position indicated by the Council Officer. Memorials must be fixed on appropriate foundations (as above).

6.  Execution of Works

     Works may not be commenced at the Cemeteries until any fees payable to the Council have previously been paid, when a receipt will be issued, with a permit for the execution of works. Stonemasons will only be admitted into the Cemetery upon prior request being made to Bereavement Services. All refuse, surplus soil, rubbish and materials shall be removed at the completion of the work to the satisfaction of the Cemetery Supervisor. No works may be executed on Saturdays, Sundays or other public or bank holiday and any other day set aside by the Council as a holiday without prior arrangement with the Council. Failure to comply with any of these regulations will amount to a warning under The Memorial Masons Registration Scheme, a copy of which is available from the Civic Centre.

Using A Funeral Director

A funeral director can advise you and help you make the necessary arrangements The majority of people choose to use a professional funeral director.  
They can take control of all necessary arrangements for you and advise you about the options available. This can help at what is generally a stressful time.
Most funeral directors will provide the following services as a minimum:-

·         Arrange for burial or cremation as appropriate.
·         Care for the deceased prior to the funeral
·         Make all the necessary arrangements
·         Provide appropriate staff
·         Provide a hearse to the nearest cemetery or crematorium
·         Provide a suitable coffin
·         Provide a coffin or casket if required
·         Transfer the deceased from the place of death to the funeral directors premises
·         Help you decide if applicable, where the body should stay until the funeral i.e. the chapel
          of rest or even your own premises if so desired.

Local Funeral Directors 

Chase Funeral Services
3 Wynns Venture Centre
Broad Street
Staffs     WS11 0XL

 Maguire Funeral Services
Brindley House
75 Broadhurst Green
Staffs     WS12 4LA           

Phillip Emery Funeral Directors
15 Bow Street
Staffs     WS15 2BT

William Emery & Sons
The Laurels
13 County Road
Stafford      ST16 2PU

Halliwell Funeral Services  
Halliwell House
68/72 Hednesford Road 
Heath Hayes  
Staffs WS12 3EA

Middleton & Wood of Burntwood
10-12 Rugeley Road
Staffs    WS7 9BA

Norton Canes Funeral Directors
1 Shaw Court
Brownhills Road
Norton Canes
Staffs     WS11 9TD

A.J. Selllman
70 Church Street
Staffs  WS11 1DH

John Short & Son
3 High Street
Staffs    WS7 3XE

George Stacey
30 Greenheath Road
Staffs    WS12 4AR

F.M. & J. Wait
25 Bird Street
Staffs    WS13 6PW

Bruce Walker
Mardell House
33 Market Street
Staffs    WS15 2JH

West Midlands Co-operative Funeral Service
49 Park Road
Staffs     WS11 1JN

West Midlands .Co-operative Funeral Service
17 Main Road
Staffs     WS15 1DN

History of the Cemeteries

Cannock Cemetery
Cannock Cemetery was opened in 1882. The cemetery is approximately five hectares in size and is situated one mile from Cannock town centre. The main entrance to the site is gained off Pye Green Road, which leads directly into the cemetery, passing floral displays and the chapel. Off the main driveway are numerous feeder paths which allow access to all areas of the grounds. The cemetery is now closed for new burials but there are spaces available for new cremated remains interments. 

Stile Cop Cemetery 
Stile Cop Cemetery was opened in 1984. The cemetery  is approximately 5.8 hectares. The cemetery is situated one mile outside of Rugeley town centre. The main entrance to the site is gained off Stile Cop Road which leads directly into the cemetery with a car park to the right. The main drive passes by floral displays with a summer house situated on the right.  The cemetery is available for new interments in the Established, Roman Catholic,Childrens and new Cremated Remains sections.

Stile Cop Cemetery is a Green Flag Cemetery.  This is the quality award for Parks, Cemeteries and Open Spaces.  

Cannock Chase Cemetery
Cannock Chase Cemetery was opened in July 2022. The cemetery is approximately 19 hectares of which 5 hectares has been laid out for interments. The site will provide over 5000 burials at capacity, which is estimated to last 125 years. The cemetery is situated off Norton Road, Heath Hayes. It is accessed from a shared  entrance with the privately owned Cannock Chase Crematorium. From the main road the cemetery is sign posted to the right. The driveway takes you to the car park and main building with a gated entrance to the cemetery. The cemetery is available for new interments in the Established, Roman Catholic, Children’s and Cremated Remains sections.

Rugeley Cemetery 
Wolseley Road Cemetery, Rugeley was opened in 1884. The cemetery is approximately 2 hectares in size and is situated one mile outside of Rugeley town centre. The main entrance to the site is gained off Wolseley Road, which leads into the cemetery following the driveway to the car park which has spaces for 5 cars. Off the driveway are feeder paths which allow access to all areas of the grounds. The cemetery is now closed for new burials and new cremated remains interments.

Bereavement Services also maintains the grounds of six closed churchyards.

  • St. Peter's Churchyard, Hednesford (part of)
  • St. Augustine's Churchyard, Rugeley
  • Old Chancel, Rugeley
  • St. James Churchyard, Norton Canes (part of)
  • St. Luke's Churchyard, Cannock
  • St. Joseph and St. Etheldreda, Rugeley
  • St. John's Churchyard, Heath Hayes (part of)
Bereavement Service Standards

What you can expect from us

Funerals – we will

Meet with you to offer help and advice if you are planning a funeral, showing you the different options and facilities that are available. Please make an appointment by contacting Bereavement Services on 01543 462621.

Provide services which meet the Charter for the Bereaved of which we are members. This helps to ensure all funerals are dignified and personal.

Host a memorial service once a year at Stile Cop and Rugeley cemeteries to remember all those buried in the cemeteries. We will display the dates in the cemetery notice board.

Cemetery grounds – we will

  • Display our opening times in the cemeteries and on the website.
  • Open the cemeteries every day of the year in order that members of the public   may visit including Christmas Day, Boxing Day and any other day set aside as a bank holiday.
  • Ensure that the grounds are kept neat and tidy. We will make available our cemetery grounds maintenance standards.

  Cemetery grounds maintenance standards – we will

  • Cut the grass on the Lawn Sections at least every 21 days during the growing     season.
  • Graves will be levelled as and when required / requested by the grave deed holder.
  • After grass cutting has been completed, any cuttings on the paths will be blown onto the grassed areas.
  • All shrubs, trees and hedges will be pruned and cut back in accordance with their seasonal requirements.
  • Leaf clearance will be completed by end of January.

Memorials – we will

  • Process memorial permit applications within 7 days. All memorial work must be to the National Association of Memorial Mason’s Code of Working Practice, and meet cemetery regulations.
  • Have a programme of work to check and make sure memorials are not dangerous. 
  • Contact owners, where up to date details are known, to let them know if their memorial needs to be made safe.

Staff and administration – we will

  •             Respond to enquires in a timely manner.
  •             Provide information leaflets and prices of the different services available.
  •             Keep our website pages up to date. 

What you can do help us – please

  •             Do not put any personal memorials on the grass.
  •             Do not scatter or bury cremated remains in the cemetery without permission.
  •             Use the cemetery bins provide for litter and recycling material.
  • Do not put turf or other heavy objects into the litter bins.

Contact the Bereavement Services Team

The Council offices are open Monday to Friday from 9.00am until 5.00pm excluding public holidays, Christmas and New Year.

Telephone 01543 462621

Email  parksandopenspaces@cannockchasedc.gov.uk


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