Waste Collection - Check your dates

Find  your current bin collection dates

1. Visit the collection look-up feature at 


(you can also download your collection calendar here)

2. Enter your postcode 

3, Click 'Get Postcode'

4. Select your house number

5. Click 'Get Dates'

6. Once you have your dates and know which bin your blue bin is collected with (green or brown) you can download your calendar from here


- Do Not put Tissues, gloves, cleaning wipes, paper towels, cloth, Nappies, DIY materials or black bagged waste in the blue recycling bin. These items will not be recycled and will contaminate other materials. Your bin will not be emptied if such items are found. Please also refer to our guidance on what can be recycled by following this link.

- Ensure that lids are fully closed on wheelie and euro bins and they are not over filled. Unfortunately Biffa will not empty a bin when the lid is raised as this could lead to littering.

Below are the basic rules in regards to presenting your bins for collection

  • Time - Put your bins out by 7:00am on your collection day, with the handle facing the road.
  • Place - Move bins to the kerbside. For terraced houses, move bins to the nearest end of the passage or alley. Leave bin with handles facing towards the road
  • Missed collection - Missed collections need to be reported within 24 hours. There will be a charge to return to a missed bin after this time.
  • Lid closed - Make sure all rubbish or recycling is placed inside the bin and make sure the lid is close.
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