10. Planning Appeals

Planning appeals can be submitted and commented on via the Planning Inspectorate Web Page.

Appeals: applicants


The applicant can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate if we refuse their application, or impose a condition they think unjustified. When we are notified of an appeal, we forward all documents, plans and comments to the Planning Inspectorate.


We will usually write to invite further comments and provide more information at that stage. However, the Inspectorate does not accept extra comments on most appeals for domestic extensions. More information in relation to Planning Appeals can be found here.


Appeals: neighbours


Only the applicant can appeal against a planning decision. As a neighbour, you cannot appeal if we approve something you do not like. However, you may be able to exercise your rights under other laws, such as the Party Wall Act. We recommend that you seek independent legal advice.


If you think that we made a mistake in the way we handled the application, you can use our complaints procedure to let us know. We cannot change the decision after we have made it, however. The only way to change a planning decision is to seek a judicial review (JR). Strict time limits apply, and again, you will need to seek independent legal advice.

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