Cannock Chase Special Area of Conservation (SAC)

A small area of Cannock Chase is designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). The Cannock Chase SAC is one of the best areas in the UK for European dry heath land and is the most extensive in the Midlands region.  The Council is part of a SAC Partnership, which works together to prevent damage to the SAC.  The Council must ensure that decisions made on planning applications will not have a negative impact on Cannock Chase SAC. If there are any potential negative impacts, the Council must either refuse development, or ensure there are appropriate mitigation measures in place.

Since 1 April 2022 all relevant planning consents are required to meet the latest developer contribution (set at £290.58 per unit in 2022 and increased every year by the rate of annual indexation) across the 15 km Zone of Influence from the Cannock Chase SAC boundary.  The developer contribution for the 2024-2025 financial year is set at £344.01 per unit. 

The documents below provide further guidance:

  • Guidance related  to the Cannock Chase Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and how to mitigate against the impact of residential development.
  • Guidance to Mitigate  - Frequently Asked Questions (January 2020)
  • Habitats Regulations Assessment - Local Plan Addendum Cannock Chase SAC
  • Memorandum of Understanding agreement between partners
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