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The primary function of Building Control enforcement is to protect the public, the environment and consumers.  Building works have to be carried out safely and in line with the Building Regulations. 

In cases where the Building Regulations are not complied with, the Council may have to take action to ensure that building works are properly carried out.


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The Building Control Service aims to provide a cost effective quality service which will ensure that all building work meets the minimum standards of health, safety, welfare and energy conservation specified by the Building Regulations.  The role of Building Control is to act as an independent third party check to help achieve compliance.


The purpose of this document is to set out Building Control’s policy for Customer Service. It is aimed at putting the customer at the heart of everything that we do, understanding our customers and raising the levels of customer satisfaction.


The Building Control Service is provided directly and indirectly to a large range of customers.

Direct customers include those making Building Regulation applications and paying for the service.  These are architects, plan drawers, builders, developers, building owners and building occupiers.

Indirect customers include individuals or companies who subsequently own or occupy buildings and visitors to buildings.

Meeting the needs of our customers is the prime objective of the service, working within the regulatory framework to ensure that buildings meet the requirement of the regulations, and that the duties imposed on the service by legislation are achieved.


We will seek the views of customers and will design our service based on the feedback received and we will deliver this as far as possible within the bounds of current legislation and resources

We will ensure that our service is generally accessible at times and places that are convenient to customers, offering a choice of channels whether it be in person, by telephone, by e mail or through the internet

Information we provide in leaflets, forms and the internet will seek to explain the system of Building Control and the requirements of the Building Regulations in plain English


We care about our customers and we want to deliver the best possible service to you. We will:

  • Listen to customers and treat them with respect
  • Attend to customers as soon as possible
  • Ensure customers understand what is happening
  • Treat customers consistently and courteously, leaving them with a good impression


The views of our customers are of vital importance to us. Whenever possible we will obtain feedback by speaking directly with customers especially those who frequently use our service. However the main method of obtaining customer opinion will be by surveys.

These customers that indirectly receive the service are more difficult to obtain feedback from, so finding out customer opinions concentrates on the direct customers.  Also by meeting the needs of direct customers the needs of indirect customers should be satisfied.

There are two types of customer questionnaires:

  • Customer Completion Feedback Survey.  A questionnaire will be enclosed with every completion certificate sent to a building regulation applicant, together with a prepaid envelope.  These will then be analysed every 3 months and the results reported and discussed at a team meeting. 


  • Customer Care Survey.  This is an occasional survey of a broad range of customers.  These include architects, plan drawers, builders, developers and property owners.  These are customers who regularly use the service. The results will be collated and compared with previous results to determine areas where the quality of service has improved or declined.  Any separate comments will be separately noted.  All results will be reported and discussed at a team meeting.

We will keep in contact with customers who regularly use the service. Opportunities will be taken by staff to informally seek the views of agents and builders and this will be communicated to the whole team.

Meeting the needs and expectations of customers is essential and taking note and acting upon comments received is an integral part of this process.



This section sets out our Customer Promise which is made to all our Customers:

  • When you contact Building Control we aim as best we can to deliver on our Promises and Service Standards
  • When dealing with you we aim to get it right first time
  • We are here to help. If you do not feel we have helped you please let us know and we will respond to your comments
  • We will direct telephone calls and e mail requests through to the right person
  • We will make sure phones aren’t left unanswered
  • We will keep any appointment made
  • We will give you the information you asked for and if that’s not possible tell you why
  • We will inform you of who is dealing with your application or enquiry



The performance of the service will be monitored via a suite of performance measures:

Assigned Measure


Applications validated within 3 days


Building Notices validated within 2 days


Full plans applications initial response within 5 days


Full plans applications initial response within 15 days


Inspections - Actual visits made in same day when requested before 10:00am


Public Protection - Dangerous structures responded to within 48 hours


Public Protection - Demolition Notifications responded to within 20 working days


Customer Satisfaction –building owners very satisfied or fairly satisfied with service




The Council has a Customer Comments, Compliments and Complaints procedure to help customers to comment on all the services it provides. If you have a comment, compliment or complaint then you can contact Building Control directly or via the Council’s Customer Services team.

Telephone: 01543 462621 or

                   01785 619300

E mail: or


If you would like to know any more about our Building Control Service then please contact:

Paul Beckley – Building Control Manager

Telephone: 01785 619311

E mail:


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