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Recycling at Christmas time

The Christmas and New Year period generates a huge amount of waste but, thankfully, much of this can be recycled. Here's a festive reminder from our bin crews at Biffa on what goes where in your bins at this key time of the year, so we can all continue to do our bit for recycling. 

Watch 'Please help our bin crews this Christmas and New Year' on YouTube here

Below are some other short films/clips; including what happens to the recycling we collect within the district, a major issue we have on dangerous driving around collection crews, and options to deal with your garden waste.

How your recycling is sorted

This film shows how your recycling is sorted after we have collected it from your home. In May 2022 we started to collect the fibre (paper and card) separately. Although paper and card are shown in the video as being separated from other waste, the sorting process for the can, plastics and glass is the same. It highlights how much effort is put into sorting the recyclables, so that they can be used again to make new products and packaging.

Driving recklessly on pavements

This video footage is from the onboard cameras that our contractor has fitted to their collection vehicles. It shows examples of reckless driving and makes for shocking viewing. It shows numerous incidents of careless drivers mounting pavements and driving in to or just missing waste workers. All because they don’t have the patience to wait until it is safe to pass!

Watch the video on YouTube

Options for dealing with your garden waste

Follow this link to watch a short cartoon, hosted by Facebook, with information on how you can manage your garden waste effectively




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