Street Care and Street Cleaning

Street Care and Street Cleaning

Every year Cannock Chase Council cleans 350km of streets - picking up over 3,000 tonnes of litter, and emptying approx. 600 litter bins every week.

Use the links below to report an issue:

We all want to live in a litter free and clean environment, and give our streets a clean sweep, but we need to work together to achieve this.

Our aim is to:

  • Litter Pick all streets at least once every 2 weeks, with shopping areas picked daily.
  • Mechanically sweep the districts gutters on a regular programme and sweep town centers daily
  • Remove litter and dog fouling.
  • Empty street litter bins at least once a week and more often in shopping areas.
  • Clear flytipping within 3 days of notification 
  • Remove offensive graffiti within 24 hours and all other graffiti within 7 days

Please help us by:

  • Not dropping litter on the streets
  • Disposing of waste in the proper place
  • Not putting sharp objects such as needles in litter bins
  • Telling us if you see an overflowing litter bin
  • Keeping play areas clear of litter, broken glass and dog fouling

If you would like to assist the Council with a community litter pick in your area, please contact Street Cleansing on 01543 462621.

Littering Fines

Litter bugs will get fixed penalty fines if caught dropping litter by a Cannock Chase Council Environmental Officer and will be issued with a fixed penalty fine.

Did you know that it was an offence to drop your cigarette butt?

  • Cigarette ends are made of cellulose acetate which takes up to 12 years to biodegrade*
  • Cigarettes account for 40% of the UK's street litter *

Did you know that the average cost of cleaning gum from Town Centre streets in the UK is £20K? This has to be done a number of times a year. *

Work with us and next time you're out, before you drop that cigarette end, match stick, gum or sweet wrapper, stop and think and put your rubbish in a litter bin.

* Source ENCAMS

Fly tipping

Fly tippers will be prosecuted. If caught fly tippers face a £50,000 fine if prosecuted in a Magistrates Court, or an unlimited fine and imprisonment if prosecuted in a Crown mattresses and sofas

If you see anyone fly tipping please call us on 01543 462621 with a vehicle registration number, description of the vehicle and individual and where the offence has taken place. All calls are strictly confidential.

Alternatively, the on-line reporting form for reporting fly tipping is HERE




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