Welcome to Cannock Chase Can

Welcome to Cannock Chase Can

Local residents are being encouraged to find their way to wellbeing by downloading the app and signing up to Cannock Chase Can. 

The Cannock Chase Can App is available to download for free by visiting Google Play and the App Store.

The app enables residents to sign up and create personal goals and individual wellness journeys. It also provides information about healthy eating, physical activity and advice about how to make healthier lifestyle choices. It hosts a variety of wellness challenges which have been developed by the community, local organisations and businesses.

It provides our community with the tools to help people improve their own health and wellbeing, by making it fun, focussed and easily accessible. 

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How to get involved

There are several ways you can support Cannock Chase Can. Send challenges, rewards and/or offers which we can promote on this new health and wellbeing App. 

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How does the App work?

Users of the App will begin their individual wellness journeys by responding to a set of questions relating to each of the wellness themes. These themes have an impact on our overall health and weight management. Answers are evaluated to create individual Wellness Wheels and weight goals.

Relevant information and community challenges are offered to help everyone to progress on their wellness journey. Once a challenge is completed, users are offered a spin of the ‘reward wheel’ and given rewards and trophies to motivate them along their wellness journeys.

Cannock Chase Can aims to give people as many tools as possible so they can lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Submit a challenge...

You can support others by getting involved and submitting a challenge. These will be showcased within the App for users to complete and progress up their wellness wheel.

Your challenges can be absolutely anything if they can benefit an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Challenges can range from step by step instructions to making Grandma’s super soup to a calming audio of bird song from Cannock Chase, to a video showcasing outdoor football tricks filmed in Cannock Park. The more engaging, fun and imaginative - the better!

The submission form and guidance packs are available to download below. 


Getting Involved - Guidance Pack .pdf (1.4 MB)

Challenge Submission Form .pdf (527.19 KB) 

Challenge Format Pack - Video .pdf (1.49 MB) 

Challenge Format Pack - Document .pdf (1.47 MB) 

Challenge Format Pack - Weblink .pdf (1.48 MB)

Challenge Format Pack - Audio .pdf (1.53 MB)

Local businesses

There are several ways your business can support Cannock Chase Can. Send challenges, rewards and/or offers which we can promote on our new health and wellbeing App. In return, we will advertise your business for FREE within the mobile App, Facebook page and website page.

Offer a reward…
You can motivate others by offering rewards which users will be given as they complete a challenge. A reward could be anything ranging from a free coffee, discount, taster sessions, access to current offers, videos, podcasts etc. The harder the challenge, the better the reward!

If you would like to offer a reward and support this local health and wellbeing programme, download the form below.

To find out more call Emily on 01543 464689 or email cannockchasecan@cannockchasedc.gov.uk



Business information and form .pdf (336.88 KB)

Get in touch...

Contact the Cannock Chase Can Project Team by:

emailing: cannockchasecan@cannockchasedc.gov.uk 

calling: 01543 464270

visiting: https://cannockchasecan.co.uk 


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