Allocations Policy Consultation 2023/24

Allocations Policy Consultation 2023/24


The Council’s Allocations Policy is currently being reviewed and we want your views on our proposals.


Cannock Chase District Council (CCDC) aims to provide the right homes to the right people.

A key tool in achieving this aim is its Allocations Scheme (or Policy).  CCDC, like all local authorities, is required by law to ensure it has a scheme which meets its legal obligations and which enables it to determine priorities and procedures when allocating social housing, including how the Council decides who should have priority for those properties that are available.

The Allocations Policy sets out the aims, objectives, priorities and processes to which the Council will work when allocating empty properties to applicants and transferring tenants, in the context of the nature and availability of social housing within the district and how the local housing market has changed since it was last reviewed, in 2017. 

It also aims to set objectives to ensure that the Council provides an efficient, responsive and customer focused allocations and lettings service incorporating choice and accessibility, in conjunction with our partners.

CCDC is undertaking a comprehensive review the Policy, to ensure it remains up to date, relevant and reflects the challenging environment in which it works.

We would like to hear from housing applicants, district residents, agencies and partners that we work with and anyone with an interest in helping shape our policy to best meet applicant and community needs, while taking account of the current housing environment and local housing market.

Our consultation therefore includes:

  • Colleagues in the housing team and more widely across the district
  • Partners we work with, including all those whom the Allocations Policy directly affects or whose assistance and support we rely on to help us in our efforts to provide an allocations service to best effect
  • Applicants, Tenants and Private Landlords of Cannock Chase district
  • Other parties who have an interest or who wish to comment (the public)


Please click on the documents and links at the foot of this page which aim to explain what we are proposing, why, and to enable you to respond with your views. 

They set out:

  • the proposed new allocations policy
  • the key (major) changes that are proposed
  • a more detailed list of all changes to the policy
  • the key consultation questions we are asking
  • the timetable for consultation and process for implementation of this policy
  • how to provide feedback to us

The consultation documents are provided in colour and black/white format, to help with accessibility.

If you would like to have some information in large print or other support to help you take part, please contact the allocations team on 01543 462 621 or email


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