Terminating Your Tenancy

What you need to do:

  • Complete a termination of tenancy form, available from the Housing Office.  You will need to give four weeks notice beginning and ending on a Monday.  Four weeks notice is not required if you are transferring to another Council property.
  • You can terminate your tenancy on the Housing Online Portal (you must have a registered account). You can do this by clicking here 
  • Allow the Council access to your home to inspect the property before you leave.
  • Return all of the keys to the property to the Housing Office before noon of the Monday your tenancy ends. You can do this by putting them into the key safe provided outside your property.
  • Rent will be charged on the property until the keys are handed in.  If the keys are not handed in the tenancy will not end, even if you have already moved out, and you will continue to owe money.
  • If you are transferring to another Council property and you receive Housing Benefit, remember it can only be paid on one property at a time.
  • You must give the Council vacant possession of the property.
  • Please ensure that your rent account is clear before you leave.  Any outstanding arrears will be pursued.  You will not be allowed to transfer to another Council property if you have any rent arrears.
  • Please ensure that when you leave,  the property and garden is free from personal property and belongings.  (Arrangements can be made for bulky refuse to be removed, for further information call 01543 462621)  The Council will recharge you for the cost of disposing anything left behind.
  • You will be recharged for any deliberate damage to the property or any alterations that have been carried out without prior permission.  These will be pointed out to you during the property inspection.
  • Before you leave your home advise the relevant people of your new address
  • It is a good idea to take a meter reading yourself before you leave as well as contacting your gas and electricity supplier.  If you are moving any appliances e.g. your gas cooker, it is essential the supply is properly capped off by a Gas Safe registered tradesperson.

For further information please refer to the Terminating your Tenancy Booklet below.

If you have any questions on ending your tenancy or require any advice on other Housing Services with Cannock Chase Council, contact Tenancy Services on 01543 462621 or email lettingofficers@cannockchasedc.gov.uk 

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