Fire Regulations for Independent Living Schemes

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Cannock Chase Council is required by law to comply with the fire safety Order by ensuring that all communal fire escape routes i.e. communal stairwells, corridors and landings within your scheme are kept clear and easily accessible at all times to assist with a quick evacuation of the building in the event of an emergency.

Safety Advice

The Housing Department therefore request full co-operation from all residents by asking them to follow some simple safety procedures:

  1. All fire escape routes i.e. communal corridors, landings and staircases should be easily accessible to assist people to be able to evacuate easily.  Escape routes should not have items that may create tripping or fire hazards.  As such all doormats, curtains, furniture, pictures, etc must be removed from the fire escape routes
  2. If you have an electrical cupboard which is situated in the fire escape route, then you must not have any combustible material stored in them.  If you store any items in these cupboards there is an increased risk of it catching fire and as such items should be removed
  3. Please ensure that all flammable items are disposed of correctly, all rubbish is disposed of correctly and no smoking in the communal areas
  4. Please ensure that your rubbish including disposal of bulky items are disposed of correctly and not left within the fire escape routes.

These precautions are in the interests of your safety.

In the Event of a Fire

In the event of a fire in your flat, however small, the Fire and Rescue Service recommend that you and your visitors take the following action:

  • Dial 999 straight away and ask for the Fire Brigade to attend then follow the steps below
  • If you do not have a telephone then you should pull your social cord alarm or press your pendant if you have one and ask them to call the Fire Brigade then follow the steps below:
  1. Exit your flat immediately making sure that the door of the room on fire and your front door are closed
  2. Make your way down to the ground floor and exit the block safely at the fire escape exit
  3. Do not go back into your flat or block for any reason until the Fire and Rescue Service say it is safe to do so.

In the event of a fire elsewhere in the block, the Fire and Rescue Service recommend that you take action above if you are affected by heat or smoke otherwise:

  • Follow your escape plan - or if it is dangerous to do so then;
  • Stay in your flat
  • Keep all doors and windows closed until the Fire and Rescue Service advise otherwise.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service are able to provide a free Home Fire Risk Check to residents which will provide direct advice from a Fire Officer in the home about reducing the risk from fire.  Their contact number is 0800 0241 999 to book an appointment or via email at:


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