Keeping Pets in your Council Home

We have a flexible approach to the keeping of pets, as long as they are well cared for and don't cause nuisance, annoyance or damage to property and the surrounding area.

Although you do not need permission to keep a dog in a house, you can only keep a dog in a flat if you have direct access to a garden.  If this is not the case you will sign a pet disclaimer at the start of your tenancy, and action will be taken if you do then home a dog in your flat.


You have a responsibility as the owner of the pet to comply with certain conditions.  These are:-

  • You are responsible for looking after and caring for your pet properly.  We'll take any cases of cruelty, mistreatment or neglect seriously and will work with appropriate agencies to remove the pet from the property if necessary.  If this happens you will not be given permission to keep any more pets.
  • You are responsible for the behaviour of any pets owned by you or anyone living with you.
  • You take all reasonable steps to supervise such pets under your control.
  • You take all reasonable steps to prevent such pets causing nuisance, annoyance or danger to neighbours.  This includes fouling, noise or smell from any pet.
  • You take reasonable care to see that such pets do not foul or cause damage to the house, your neighbours property, anything belonging to us, or anything we are responsible for, such as common areas of flats.
How to Report a Pet Causing a Nuisance.

If you think a neighbour's pet is causing a nuisance, please report this to the Neighbourhoods Team on 01543 462621 or email us on

If you believe that someone's pet is not being cared for, neglected or being treated cruelly, you can report this to an animal welfare agency such as the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.

For further information please see our leaflet below.


Keeping Pets in your Council Tenancy


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