Parking on your Estate

Inconsiderate parking on estates often causes a nuisance to other residents and may also obstruct emergency vehicles. 

Parking Guidelines

We would like to remind our tenants and their visitors that:

  • You must not leave your vehicle anywhere that is not designated for parking
  • You must not park a vehicle on your garden
  • You must not park a vehicle on grassed areas or verges
  • Only cars and motor bikes should be parked in designated parking areas.   Caravans, boats, trailers or commercial vehicles must not be parked in these areas
  • Where allocated parking is provided, you must only park in the space provided at your home
  • You must obtain written permission before you park a caravan or motor home in any area on your estate or at your home
  • You must not carry out any major repairs to a vehicle, park any unroadworthy vehicle (or one that may not be legally driven) on the land around your home or on the road.

If you are having difficulty parking your vehicle, you may want to rent a garage from the Council.  For further information please contact the Tenancy Services Team on 01543 462621.


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