Council Owned trees

Council owned trees

We manage and maintain a number of trees within the parks, nature reserves, woodlands and housing properties.  We are also the administration authority for Tree Preservation Orders and trees situated within Conservation Areas.

The Council looks after and manages over 28,000 individual trees, and also manage numerous woodlands and groups of trees throughout the district.  We have an active inspection regime and each tree will be inspected at least every 5 years.  However, we are aware that trees can sometimes change over this time and it maybe necessary to contact us if the condition of the tree changes.

We maintain the tree stock to ensure they are kept in a safe condition.  As such the Council has adopted a set of polices to which we adhere to, this is also part of the Urban Forestry Strategy and links to what works we carryout and how trees are assessed.

We carry out a yearly tree planting program to replace any dead trees and new planting locations.  If you see any places that would benefit from new tree planting, then please contact us and we will happily asses the site to see what trees can be planted.  Any added trees will be planted in the next available planting season (between November and April each year), and depending on budget restrictions.

Please contact if you have concerns regarding the condition of our trees using the contact details in the footer.

Trees on our Nature Reserves

The trees on our 19 sites are of importance to the local wildlife that they attract.  We will ensure the trees are safe for our users and the local community.  We will allow our trees to grow to full maturity in order to aid the wildlife in the local area.

Further information on the courtyside team can be found here.

Council Properties and Housing Estates

We look after all the trees on housing estates and those within tenants gardens.

Inspections will only be carried out where a hazard has been identified and meets at least one of the criteria below

  • If the tree is dangerous, diseased or deceased.
  • If the tree is causing damage or disrepair to a council property.
  • Emergency/Storm damage

For tree enquiries that meet the criteria, please contact the Cannock Chase Council Contact Centre on (01543) 462621 giving the customer service operator the following details:

1.  Name, address and telephone number.
2.  Location (front/rear etc.), type of tree if known.
3.  Reason for concern about the trees safety.  e.g. broken/damaged branch.

Trees in the pavement or Street

We currently do not look after trees owned and managed by County Council.  These trees are typically on streets, pavements and some walkways.  County Council can be contacted on: 0300 111 8000 or

Trees on Cannock Chase

The Cannock Chase is owned and managed by the Forestry Commission, we can not stop forestry works carried out by the Forestry Commission nor can we protect trees by a Tree Preservation Order.

The Forestry Commission will carryout large scale tree removal operations to keep a forest rejuvenated.  This is part of the life cycle of a forest and once trees are removed, the Forestry Commission will usually re-plant with new trees to grow up and become large mature trees.

If you have any comments or wish to contact the Forestry Commission or they can be contacted on: 01889 586593.

Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas

Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s) are produced by the Local Authority where it is seen that the tree brings significant impact to the local environment.  They are legal protection under the Town and Country Planning (Trees) Regulations 2012.  It is unlawful to allow the cutting down, topping, lopping uprooting, wilfully damage or wilful destruction of trees without the planning authorities permission.

Conservation Areas automatically protect trees once they are greater than 75mm in diameter at 1.5m.  It is unlawful to carry out works to a without giving 6 weeks notification of your intended works.

Further details can be found by following the link here.

Urban Forestry Strategy and Tree Policies

Urban Forestry Strategy


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