Park improvements across Cannock Chase District

Park improvements across Cannock Chase District

Councils have a role to play in the provision of good quality play areas and open spaces. This is why Cannock Chase Council is committed to providing good quality parks, play areas and open spaces for all to enjoy. This page will provide you with information about new improvements that will be made to exisiting sites across the District and how you as local residents can help shape their design.

Please see below the latest locations we are currently working on.

Cannock Park

Your Park, Your Ideas

In December 2023, Cannock Chase Council's Cabinet approved to spend £465,000 on improvements to the play areas and open space at Cannock Park.

This will be part of the capital programme of works for 2024/25 and will be financed by £250,000 Section 106 monies, £200,000 CIL monies and a £15,000 grant from the Forest of Mercia. An additional £220,000 will be allocated from the Safer Street 5 Fund for CCTV and lighting works. This takes the overall budget for the redevelopment works to £685,000.

Outdoor spaces are essential in enabling the residents of Cannock Chase District to have access to healthy and active lifestyle choices and the Council is committed to providing good quality parks, play areas and open spaces for all to enjoy.

The site hosts a golf course, leisure centre, football pitches, rose garden, skate park, play areas, tennis courts and pavilion. The existing play area is partially inclusive and includes a total of 21 individual pieces of formal play equipment, the first of which was installed in 1996.

The formal play provision area fronts directly onto Stafford Road, which also accommodates main vehicle access and car parking, to both the park and Chase Leisure Centre.

Due to the size and costs associated with redeveloping the whole site, the proposed scheme will be delivered in two phases.

The first phase will include the following:
•    The replacement of the existing outdated junior play area situated in the centre of the site, and the installation of a brand-new toddler play area.
•    Resurfacing and extending the existing footpaths from Park Road through to Shoal Hill Common and Cardinal Griffin Catholic School, including lighting of the footpaths in parts.
•    Drainage remediation works to the existing brook to include new grilles and gates.
•    Improvements to the footpaths around the site to make commuting and walking across and around the site easier. 
•    Access and boundary improvements including new CCTV cameras and lighting, access/gate improvements where required and additional hedgehog and nature friendly fencing to help to fully secure the site.
•    Improvements made to the rose garden.
•    Installation of appropriate street furniture throughout the site including display boards, new benches and bins.

Works aim to be completed by early 2025.

We are now at the stage where we can share with you the site plan layout for the area.

We would like to get your views on the proposed overall site plan prior to the development works starting by asking you to complete our short survey here.  

The closing date for feedback is 31 March 2024. If you would like a paper copy of the survey, please call 01543 464548

Proposed site plan 

Cannock Park flyer

Cannock Stadium

Consultation on the new skate facility at Stadium Park Cannock, has now concluded. Cannock Chase Council would like to thank all of those who have taken the time to have an input into the three design iterations. Canvas Spaces (the chosen supplier) have now produced a final greed design, taking on board many of the comments, feedback and suggestions. The work is expected to start in earnest on Monday 1 April 2024 with the contractors setting up site, a week earlier. Feedback from the designers is stated below:

Designers feedback:

"Some feedback mentions the height or scale of the facility. The facility has been designed to be appealing to varied users of varied abilities. The low-level forms have been designed to be such that will instill engagement with the younger or inexperienced users, where they will feel comfortable using them, encouraging progression. However, importantly, these same features have been designed for experienced users also. More experienced users will enjoy these forms, allowing them to practice more technical tricks and enhancing progression.

Some comments have come from the BMX community requesting larger items. We recognise that larger BMX forms are not as evident this scheme. Whilst we have increased some elements, we have not been able to increase all the heights as this would detract from the fundamental design and its meeting of the Brief: To be a facility that is appealing to varied abilities, with adequate space for learning and participation for all. At the heart of the design is this aspect: space, engagement and interest for varied abilities.

Other comments, such as having a space that allows for separate use of low-speed, has been included. Many facilities can be overcrowded for some. We have included this requirement within the latest design issue. The element compliments the original brief for a spacious, inviting space.

Our expert opinion is that this will be an extremely successful facility, meeting the needs of the project brief and will be enjoyed for many years to come, being inviting to beginners whilst allowing experienced users to develop their skill."

To see an image of the skatepark plan click on the link skatepark visualisation.pdf

The Cema - Norton Canes (completed)

Works to the park and play area at the Cema - Chapel Street Park in Norton Canes have now been completed.

The community of Norton Canes can now enjoy their new green space and make the most of the newly installed circular pathway with green gym equipment as well as a new play area for children and families. When accessing the park, visitors will be greeted with beautiful pieces of entrance artwork that depict the history of the site. 

In December 2019, Cannock Chase Council’s Cabinet approved the spending of £120,000 to improve the play area and open space at The Cema – Chapel Street Park in Norton Canes. The money has been allocated from Section 106 funds collected from housing developments in the village.

Find out more about the new improvements made to the Cema here.

Wellington Drive - Cannock

In June 2022, Cannock Chase Council’s Cabinet approved to spend £168,000 on refurbishments to the existing play area on the Wellington Drive site in Cannock.

Significant development has taken place in the Cannock South Ward over the last 10 years.  The Council will utilise section 106 monies from these developments to fund the project.

The existing play area was last updated in 2001.  It has no provision for inclusive play and has no direct access for pushchairs or wheelchairs.

The refurbishments will include, the provision and relocation of a new fully accessible and equipped play area, new formal hard surfaced footpaths, relocation of grass kickabout area and a new site access barrier.

The site improvements will also include tree planting, which will contribute to the Council’s climate change agenda.

Works aim to be completed in 2023.

We will be delivering a programme of engagement throughout this development so local residents can provide feedback on the improvement plans. The initial feedback was undertaken in November and a leaflet was distributed to households living nearby. Below is a summary of the responses we received.

The next stage of engagement was launched in February and has now closed. Residents have provided feedback on the proposed design of the play area and this has been fed back to the Contractor who is designing and developing the play area.

Please note, banners are still on display around the current play area site for residents to see the new design. However the survey has now closed, so the QR code link will no longer work. The design can also be downloaded below.

The Council has appointed Kompan to undertake the works to the play area and the theme will focus on woodland and nature.

Works to the new play area have now been completed and the new park is open to the public.

The old play area is still in situ and work to that area of the site will begin next month. 

LATEST UPDATE (8 December 2023):

The new play area installation has now been fully completed and includes benches and bins. The landscape works,  to regrade the site and remove the old play area have also been completed and the site is now ready for seeding and tree planting. The final aspect of the site development (tree and hedge planting, new football goal and basketball hoop) will be carried out in late December 2023 / early January 2024. To bring the project to completion. 

Wellington Drive feedback mailer - phase 1 .pdf (2.73 MB)

Wellington Drive feedback responses - phase 1 .pdf (72.02 KB)

Wellington Drive Play Area Design - phase 2 .pdf (3.97 MB)

Laburnum Avenue Recreational Area - Cannock

In September, Cannock Chase Council’s Cabinet approved to spend over £385,000 on improvements to the play areas and open space on Laburnum Avenue in Cannock.

The funds will be allocated from Section 106 monies, from the development of housing on nearby land.

The existing play area is not fully inclusive and has 10 pieces of play equipment which were last partly refurbished in 2005.  The site currently has a small pond, wetland, a stream and rising brook, a football pitch, and a grassed kickabout area.

The proposed improvements will be delivered in three phases.  With the estimated costs for Phases 2 and 3 being approved at a later date.

Following the consultation and planning for real exercises that took place with local children a draft design is now available for people to comment on.

Please find the draft designs and share your views in our short feedback form.  

Draft Designs:

 Laburnum Avenue Draft Design overview.pdf   

Laburnum Avenue Draft Design zone 1 and 2.pdf

Laburnum Avenue Draft Design zones 3,4 and 5.pdf


Laburnum Avenue site plan .pdf (2.32 MB)

Laburnum Avenue - Planning for Real responses .pdf (74.88 KB)

Laburnum Avenue - Survey responses .pdf (500.97 KB)

Pathway Programme .pdf (988.81 KB) 

Barnard Way - Cannock

In January 2023, Cannock Chase Council’s Cabinet agreed to fund improvements to this play area in Cannock.

The costs to deliver the improvements will be met from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds from the Cannock East ward at a cost of £88,000.

CIL ward funding has come from significant housing developments over the last 5 years and Cannock East Ward Members have requested that the money be spent on the play area, which borders Barnard Way and Cannock Road in Cannock.  

The Council will also use £8,750 donated by The Forest of Mercia Community Interest Company (CIC) for planting trees and shrubs.

The existing equipment on the Barnard Way play area was installed in 1991 and is not fully inclusive. 

The refurbishments will include, the provision of a new fully accessible and equipped play area, new formal hard surfaced footpaths and tree planting. 

Work is anticipated to start in the summer with completion due autumn 2023.

The Council has recently sought views of local residents on the design of the new play area. Leaflets were delivered around the local area in June and residents were encouraged to complete the short online survey. 

View the design option in the document below.

The closing dates for comments was Monday 17 July. Below is a summary of the responses received.

LATEST UPDATE (8 December 2023):

Works to replace the play area have commenced on site. The contractor took ownership of the site in early November and have since removed the old play area and surfacing. The new play equipment has been installed and the fencing works are due to commence on site mid December 2023. Resurfacing has been scheduled for the week commencing 18 December 2023 with the expectation of having the new play area reopened early in the new year.

LATEST UPDATE (21 December 2023):

The new play area has now been completed and will reopen as of 5pm on Friday 22 December 2023. 

Barnard Way Play Area - Design Proposal .pdf (4.67 MB)

Barnard Way Feedback Responses .pdf (94.41 KB)


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